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Our late-stage startup is an amazing place to really kick your career into high growth. You'll have an opportunity to really connect with small business owners, and collaborate closely with everyone across the organization, including our very engaged co-founders.  Our highly skilled team offer tons of mentoring and personal/professional growth opportunities. Leadership and mentoring opportunities are also abundant for you as new co-ops bringing fresh perspectives and learnings every six months, and we are continuously growing to meet the needs of our rapidly growing member-base.

Team members sharing thoughts over lunch

Highly collaborative Teams

Each of our product teams include engineers, product, UX/Design, and Marketing/Business team members so that they can fully own and understand the areas of the business that they own. Team members participate in weekly innovation sessions. We work together to understand what our members need and deliver amazing products.

we care about our members

Member obsessed

Everyone at the company engages regularly with our members, whether it's through one-on-one conversations, observations of use of our site, or member spotlights during our weekly all-hands. We all believe in the mission to make small businesses successful, and understanding what businesses need is the first step in building the right products to support them!

Work from anywhere!

We closed our Boston office in February 2021 and went all in on remote work. Our team has gone global, with team members across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. That means that as long as you have reliable internet, you can work from anywhere! 

But just because we are remote doesn't mean we don't keep in touch and have fun. Get to know your co-workers via coffee-break shuffles, game nights, lunches, and the occasional "on-sites" including fun team-building activities

Our Core Values

At Alignable, we’re all about our members—how they think, what they need, and where we can help. In fact, tapping into the small business owner’s mindset is key for success here, and it drives our decisions from the tools we build to the articles we write.

Our core values are no different. We created them from a member perspective, so what’s important to us and what’s important to our members align. This way, it’s easy to put yourself in a small business owner’s shoes right from the get go. These are our core values.


Enjoy The Journey

We are passionate about our mission to help small businesses and make an impact. But we don't take ourselves too seriously. We understand the power of building relationships and we know our enthusiasm is contagious. We celebrate our customers, our team, and key moments in our journey.

Be Different Together

We know that our differences in experiences, viewpoints, and identities make us better. We create a space where everyone feels comfortable showing up as their truest selves. We seek diverse perspectives and work to disconfirm our beliefs.

Be Stronger Together

We combine our strengths and work together on shared goals and build trusted relationships with our teams and customers. We learn from each other to create better outcomes. We treat everyone as a partner and are good partners ourselves - no egos welcome.

Exercise Excellent Judgement

We turn knowledge into understanding based on equal parts data and intuition. We think strategically, make decisions collaboratively and know where to focus our efforts - for today and tomorrow.

Profound Bias For Action

Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk taking while avoiding one way doors.

Act Like An Owner

Everyone at Alignable acts like an owner because they are. We proactively act on behalf of the entire company and our customers not just for ourselves or team. There’s no passing the buck and we never say “that’s not my job.”

Change The Game

We start with first principles, assume nothing is impossible, and go after 10x outcomes relentlessly like an underdog. We create and communicate a bold direction that paves the road and inspires results. We're always looking around corners for ways to better serve our customers.

Adapt & Evolve

We accept that we won’t be right every time and learn from what doesn’t work as well as what does. We evolve as we go and seek out honest feedback along the way. We create an environment where people feel safe to admit failure and lean into learning.

Be Customer Obsessed

We believe successful small business owners strengthen relationships, foster belonging, and improve the quality of life for everyone. We're obsessed with helping small businesses thrive. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust when deciding what to work on and how to do it.


Alignable's got you covered with industry leading benefits. Here's a sampling of some of the benefits our employees enjoy.

We've got you covered with top- notch healthcare

Health and wellness

* We offer a variety of PPO and  HMO alternatives.

* In addition to medical the company provides dental, vision, mental health, and life insurance along with opt-in short and long-term disability solutions.  

work life balance is important to mental health and staying passionate about the mission!

Work/Life Balance

* The company offers unlimited time off for its employees. Vacation time is requested and approved through the department executive and each employee is required to take 2 weeks off back-to-back at some point each year.  

* We also offer paid parental leave for birthing and non-birthing  parents.

* Life Flexibility - Our core working hours are 10am-5pm Eastern Time, but we understand that life happens. Need to take the dog to the vet or attend a parent teacher conference? No problem! Our team is highly collaborative, so we need people to regularly attend stand-ups, and core meetings, but that doesn't mean you can't take the time for a walk at lunch or that dentist appointment.

Grow your assets

Investing in you

* Alignable offers a 401k program

* Professional Development: employees who are interested in continuing education related to their professional roles are able to receive 100% compensation for courses taken provided course work has been pre-approved by the employees manager. We also host in-house training opportunities and book clubs where we learn new topics together.

* As a remote company, we encourage all new employees to set up their work environment to maximize their comfort and productivity. Each new hire is allocated funds to spend at their discretion to set up their space. After a year at the company, each employee  receives an additional funds they can spend to continue to upgrade their space, for time sessions at remote office locations (eg. WeWork) or to have meals out with other team members. 

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s our mission to help small business owners be successful by creating an amazing platform to support this complex and important community and ensure that each and every person feels at home on Alignable. Our team reflects the diversity of the community that we support, in order to have a wider range of perspectives that will allow for a more inclusive solution. We believe that teams composed of diverse individuals make better decisions and deliver better products.

What We’re Doing to Be More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive

Alignable is committed to DE&I and we’ve created a three-pronged approach in place to diversify our  team.

We’ve expanded our hiring funnel to include platforms that specifically target diverse candidates. We’ve improved our job postings and hiring process to be more inclusive so we don’t unintentionally push away diverse candidates.

Internal process
We have a mentoring program and also share information on interviewing and working together with diversity and inclusion in the forefront.
We’ve prioritized diversity in two of our company’s core values: STRONGER TOGETHER, and DIFFERENT TOGETHER work in sync to recognize and celebrate differences, while also building up stronger teams, relationships, and working habits.
We conduct agile practices of bi-weekly retrospectives to create forums for every individual to share learnings, offer challenges and changes, and celebrate each other’s contributions.

Social Impact
We’re active in clubs, groups, and networking events that encourage diverse networks. We’re partnering with colleges that have diversity groups in order to provide mentorship and speaking opportunities, and grow our incoming funnels for coops and college hires.

Our platform is a fantastic tool for social impact. We’ve brought together some amazing diversity groups for our small business owners and have actively onboarded and encouraged group leaders to drive and recruit business leaders into these groups. The discussions and networking that members experience there is meaningful, targeted, and impactful to not only these business owners, but the communities that they belong to.